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Friday, September 14, 2012

Halloween Costumes

Hey Beauties! So I have been looking around on the WWW (That's worldwide web for those of you unfamiliar with the www. at the beginning of a web address) and I have found some of the cutest Halloween costumes! I found costumes for just me, my best friend Caitlynn and I, and me, Caitlynn, and Rachel.

So for me I have,
Wonder Woman
Red Riding Hood

Minnie Mouse (With Black Socks instead of Fishnets)

R2D2 Ballerina

Snow White
For Caitlynn & I,


Mario & Luigi

Crayola Crayons

Spa Ladies (Shorter Robes)

Tooth Fairy & Tooth
For Me, Caitlynn, and Rachel,

3 Blind Mice (Add TuTus)

SuperHeros (I use my Wonder Woman costume from above)

PowerPuff Girls

Rock Paper Scissors
So these are the costumes I found! I hope you enjoyed them!

<3, Elizabeth

Friday, September 7, 2012

Fall Trends: Color Pants!

Hello my Pretties! Sorry I haven't been on to blog in a Looong while! I got into some drama and couldn't get on the computer, But all's well now! :) Today I bring you some of the latest fall trends! I received a NOOKcolor for my birthday back in July and got an app called Taptu Fashion. It keeps me updated on the latest trends and celebrity fashion. It just so happens that one of the fall trends of 2012 is COLOR PANTS!!! I am absolutely IN LOVE with color pants right now! I just need to find that budget so I can go buy me some! I've been waiting forever it feels like!

Here's the link to these pants in case any of y'all want to buy 'em! According to Taptu Fashion, Red color pants and the color red in general is the hottest fall trend on the market. While some stores are struggling with moving the summer clothes to the clearance rack, others are already hot on the fall fashion! I hope you enjoy these! My personal favorites are the fuchsia one's!

<3, Elizabeth

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pairings with Over Sized Sweaters

Hey Gals(and maybe guys)! Today I am bringing you pairings with over sized sweaters! You can wear them with just about anything! :) Literally, any type of shoe, any type of pants. Example:

See what I mean? I didn't put any shoes in this, but judging from these pairings, you can tell that you can wear any shoe. Oh, here's the link! Well, that's all for now! (Insert Porky Pig voice here!)

<3, Elizabeth!

P.S. Sorry I haven't been on in awhile!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Report, Feedback, and Complaints HERE! Also, a shout-out!

Hey Gals(and maybe guys)! So I am still new to this blog and I hope you can sympathize. I cannot figure out how to create a page on here and actually get it to show up in the preview for the life of me! So bear with me. I've decided to make this post a place where you can file all of your complaints, reports, or feedback! I am not going to be angry if you post a comment saying something like, "This blog sucks!" or "Get a life!" After all, Haters Gonna Hate right? I won't be pleased but I know and accept that not everyone who stumbles upon this blog is going to love it. In my personal opinion however, if you don't like it, that;s your problem and not mine. No one ever said you had to love it! I do have a few people watching this blog and I am very grateful for that. Now here's where that shout-out comes into play. Caitlynn and Hannah, you guys are the best! I love you both! Alright well I've already posted today but I hope you will take the time to comment any problems or feedback (good or bad) you have!

<3, Elizabeth!

My Favorite NARS MakeUp & Another Notice!

Hey Gals(and maybe guys)! So as I promised I am bringing you my favorite makeup products! With a twist... In effort to give myself more things to blog about, I will do favorite products from brands. So this week is NARS! Here it is!

Now before I get into the details on these products, let me give you my notice. The notice is... I've decided to save time and stop giving links to every. single. product. So, I'm going to post the link the original picture on my Polyvore that will tell you each product and price. So here's the link!